DayPilot Pro for Java 2024.1.8576

Release date: March 28, 2024


  • [Calendar] The default "snap-to-grid" behavior can be turned off for drag and drop event moving, event resizing and time range selecting (Calendar).


  • [Scheduler] Setting timeRangeRightClickHandling to "Disabled" prevents the selection of a time range using the right mouse button (Scheduler). (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] snapToGridTimeRangeSelecting property allows turning off snap-to-grid for time range selection (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.linkLayer property added (default link layer: "Above" | "Below"). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Overlap validation performed again after changes made in onEventResizing (Scheduler). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Link rendering optimization - visible links skipped during scrolling (Scheduler) (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Option to turn off event version space reservations for selected events using `versionsReserveSpaceDisabled` property of event data object (Scheduler). ` (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] snapToGridEventResizing property allows turning off snap-to-grid for event resizing (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] The Calendar header width set using CSS for more fluid animation during DOM-based resizing. (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Significantly improved rendering performance when displaying a large number of links in the Scheduler. (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Optimized event rendering when allowMultiMove or allowMultiResize is enabled (Scheduler). (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] snapToGridEventMoving property allows turning off snap-to-grid for event moving (build 8575)
  • The ResizeObserver, used in the Calendar and Scheduler for updating width- and height-related calculations, is debounced to allow smoother resizing. This should also minimize "ResizeObserver loop completed with undelivered notifications." errors. (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] When resizing multiple events, the overlaps are not checked against any of the resized event sources (Scheduler). (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] Allow an event to be displayed in multiple columns in Resources mode. (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.columnMarginLeft property added (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.blockOnCallBack property added (default: false). (build 8575)
  • Rectangle selection rendering during AutoScroll improved. (build 8575)
  • [Month] returns events in the order used for rendering (instead of the original order of the data source). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Row.cells.totalDuration(filter) - filter parameter added (Scheduler) (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.cssClass property added (build 8575)


  • [Scheduler] events.add() fixed for `eventUpdateInplaceOptimization: true` [Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'lines')] (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] Start and end time of time range selection fixed in Calendar with hidden non-business hours or shifted dayBeginsHour. (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] Calendar scroll label position calculation fixed on touch devices (when fixed column width is used) ["Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'clientWidth')"] (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Link rendering fixed (when there are events in the data set that don't belong to any Scheduler row). (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] Event moving offset fixed for snapToGrid: false and useBoxes: "Never" (Calendar). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Rendering of links related to events created using events.add() fixed (Scheduler). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] Termination of AutoScroll during rectangle selection fixed (Scheduler). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.links.add() fixed when the parameter is a DayPilot.Link object ("Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'from')" error) (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] Time header active areas not rendering properly - fixed (Calendar). (build 8575)
  • [Scheduler] events.remove() fixed for `eventUpdateInplaceOptimization: true` [Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'lines')] (build 8575)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot Calendar error fixed: "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'style')" (build 8575)

API Changes

  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.showCurrentTime = false (new default value) (build 8575)