DayPilot Pro for Java 2024.2.8579

Release date: June 27, 2024


  • [Calendar] AutoScroll supported on touch devices during drag and drop (Calendar)
  • [Calendar] The target position can be adjusted in real time during drag and drop resizing using onEventResizing (args.start, args.end).
  • [Calendar] The target position can be adjusted in real time during drag and drop moving using onEventMoving (args.start, args.end, args.resource).
  • [Calendar] Target shadow can span multiple columns (moving, resizing, time range selection).


  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler: autoScrollVertical, autoScrollHorizontal properties allow disabling autoscroll for selected direction (set the value to `false`). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler: autoScrollSpeed property added (default value: 50). (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] Column margins are applied to the time range selection (Calendar). (build 8577)
  • Bubble An active area will always display a bubble on hover if the `bubble` property is specified. The `bubble` property of an active area can be combined with any `action` value. (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] AutScroll stopped properly on mouse release (rectangle selection in Scheduler). (build 8577)
  • [Gantt] Multi-select API added (Gantt) (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] The column header bubble (`columnBubble`) supports `position: "Above"` in Calendar resource mode (`viewType: "Resources"`). (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] Column margins are applied to the moving shadow (Calendar). (build 8577)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt.moveGroupChildren property (boolean) added (build 8577)
  • [Gantt] Styling of selected task box updated (Gantt). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler: autoScrollDelay property added (default value: 200). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler: autoScrollRectangleSelection allows disabling autoscroll for rectangle selection (set the value to `false`). (build 8577)


  • [Calendar] Manual call should work on touch devices without `calendar` reference (fixed). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] Dynamically updating the position of a milestone using args.start in onEventMoving fixed (Scheduler). (build 8577)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt.onEventMoving: additional arguments properly exposed (alt, ctrl, meta, shift, control, allowed, duration, cssClass, html). (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] Tapping on the event allows updating the current position for the context menu (Calendar). (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.clearSelection() correctly clears a selection created by selectTimeRange(). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] ResizeObserver cleanup on component disposal fixed ["Cannot read properties of null (reading 'offsetParent')"] (Scheduler). (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] Duplicate firing of onEventClick on touch devices fixed. (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] Incorrect shadow snapping when calling DayPilot.Calendar.selectTimeRange() method fixed. (build 8577)
  • Bubble Bubble position fixed for `position: "Mouse"` when the mouse position is too close to the window top so that the bubble can't be displayed above the cursor. (build 8577)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt.onEventMoving: args.start and args.end can be modified (fixed). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] Correctly loading events for rows with no ID in Resources view (Scheduler). (build 8577)
  • [Scheduler] Bubble activated by an event active area shouldn't be overridden by the event bubble in the Scheduler (fixed). (build 8577)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt.onEventMoved fixed (missing `args` value). (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] onTimeRangeClick and onTimeRangeDoubleClick fixed in the Calendar. (build 8577)
  • [Calendar] Resizing events in resources mode with `dayBeginsHour` specified fixed (Calendar). (build 8577)